Pulling Focus

Pulling Focus is a body of work that centers on capturing the moment between looking, seeing, then realizing...the instant when perception turns inward.

This work is directly influenced by current world events. By narrowing focus, I see less black and white and find more beauty and possibility in uncertainty. Smaller moments provide clarity to the picture as a whole. My faith lies in the ability to learn and rebuild collectively as focus moves through and throughout.

I am interested in the space between the lines. When attention shifts from one thing to another, things are not always as they first seem. Quiet and subtle scenes become amplified. Compositions of a family’s home against a looming sky or a woman in a bathtub with light pouring into another room are cropped in a way that cause one to question what the subject really is. In the foreground of another piece, details of individual links appear in extreme scale forming a chain that extends back to serve the greater goal of restraint. Irony is discovered in the reality of paper boats that are set free only later to catch on fire. Blankets and sheets twist and stretch as the body is engaged in a way that seems to say “yes” and “no” simultaneously. The viewer is implicated, deciding whether what is happening is an act of passion or violence.

It is my intention that this work will stimulate a personal experience for the viewer that will promote the navigation of different perspectives.